Coaching Websites
Coaches’ Clipboard
Basketball Coaches Club
Coach Don Meyer
Coaching Toolbox
Eric Musselman’s Basketball Notebook
Hoops U.
Basketball 4 All
Musings on the Game of Basketball Blog
Basketball: Brookman’s Way Blog
My Hoops Link
Proskills Basketball Notebook
Coach Perry Hunter Blog
Planet Hoops

Other Basketball Websites

Windy City Athletics
Chicago High School Classic All-Star Game
Illinois Basketball Coaches’ Association
Illinois High School Association
Saint Patrick High School Boys’ Basketball
National Basketball Association

Saint Patrick H.S. Coaches’ Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 1 – April 2009
Volume 1, Issue 2 – June 2009
Volume 1, Issue 3 – July 2009
Volume 1, Issue 4 – September 2009
Volume 1, Issue 5 – October 2009
Volume 1, Issue 6 – November 2009
Volume 1, Issue 7 – January 2010
Volume 2, Issue 1 – February 2010

One thought on “Links

  1. Mr. Hubie Brown,

    Thank you for teaching oh so much through your rose-lensed glasses – it is the best sport after all. As a player & coach I am always no matter what the game, you will undoubtedly teach me SOMETHING in two hours. And you have NEVER failed me or my sense of knowledge. I am a Strength & Conditioning coach, and if you are ever up in the greater Boston area please call me for a behind the curtain tour, it’s the least I could give you considering all you have given me hoopwise,

    – Sean ( who shoots like Mullin – pure lefty = nothin’ but net even when it’s off))

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