Elbow-to-Elbow is a great drill for working on proper footwork & change of pace.

This drill is ideal with 3 players and two balls. #1 starts at the top of the key and sprints to the elbow. #1 uses “inside foot” establishing position on the elbow (right, left on this side of the court). #1 receives a pass from the baseline and takes an elbow shot.

Then #1 goes around the cone (changes pace around the cone) and sprints to opposite elbow establishing “inside foot” (left, right). #1 receives a pass on the elbow for a shot. #1 continues this movement until the drill is over.

*Use either a determined amount of made shots or time.

Click here for “Elbow-to-Elbow” PDF

Phoenix: “Double Drag”

Another Phoenix sequence is the “double drag.” This entry is a build on from the last Phoenix entry “Drag“.

Similar to Phoenix: Drag, on a made/miss basket #1 designates a side of the court.  In this play, there is no rim runner. Instead both #4 & #5 set drag screens for #1.  As #1 takes first screen on #5, #5 rolls to the basket. #1 uses the second screen from #4 as primary screen to attack the rim. #4 sprints away from #1 for a pick-n-pop.

Click here for “Phoenix: Double Drag” PDF

Butler’s Box-Shuffle

This play (we will call Box-Shuffle) was the 2nd play Butler ran in the Championship game vs. Duke. This play is designed for a quick hitter for a post player iso. Great play if you have a strong low post player.

– #4 sets a high ball screen for #1

– #3 cuts hard inside and spaces the floor   Continue reading