Miami Heat: Baseline Out of Bounds into Horns Set

Coaches, sorry for my delay as I have been busy with school and preparing for the upcoming season. I am sure that all of you have been doing the same thing and that is why I want to give you a quick John Wooden quote to preface my set today: “Do not mistake activity for achievement.” Sure, I have been looking at websites and different clinic notes, but have I been looking for a way to shore up our helpside defense? Have I found that perfect set to post-up my big 3 man or a quick three for my outside shooting 4? Now is the perfect time to prepare all of these. For example, if you are going to run 15 plays this year have 30 to choose from that you feel good about by the first day of practice. This way as you add more sets to fit your team, you already have in mind some and you have your team in mind as far as what you are looking for.

This was a set that the Heat ran several times during their 10-11 playoff run before getting knocked off by the Mavs. One thing I love about Coach Spoelstra is that most of the Heat’s sideline and baseline out of bounds plays have an initial quick hitting action but they also flow into an actual set out of those positions. Here is an example of one of those sets.

(1-Chalmers, 2-Wade, 3-LeBron, 4-Bosh, 5-Joel Anthony)

Classic screen the screener action. They stagger for Chalmers and after that screen Wade sets a screen for Bosh. In this action we have LeBron hitting Chalmers to continue the action, but they 4 man will be open a LOT late especially against switching defenses.

If you don’t get a shot off of that out of bounds, 3 sprints out off a screen from the 4 man. The 5 man pin-downs the 2 who receives it at the top of the key. 2 key points. 1) Because Wade is a driver and not a shooter like the traditional 2 man, Bosh waits before sprinting to the baseline because this gives Wade an opportunity to attack the basket and give him an easy feed. 2) If you have a shooting 2 man or your 1 man normally takes it out, it is a simple transition to just change the players. Never be restricted by numbers.

Wade enters it to Anthony then sets a flex for Chalmers. This is practically just a false action to get Wade open on the perimeter. 

This is a spot where Wade frequently attacks the rim but with Anthony’s offense being so poor this screen is trapped or hard hedged almost every single time. A quick swing to the 4 man alleviates this pressure and at times ends with an open j for Bosh (his defender has to pick up Anthony’s roll on the P&R defense)

If Bosh’s man sticks near him its an entry to Anthony for a shot attempt. *In the diagram it shows 3 cutting but that is just LeBron going for an offense board. It is RIDICULOUS how quickly he attacks off this for an attempt for a put back. Here is the action if the pass to 5 isn’t open.

A dribble handoff with Bosh-LeBron and spacing.

The reason I love this so much is the simplicity of the box set into the complexity of the actual set with a lot of false action. Even if you don’t use this as an out-of-bounds set, is a great set to use against teams using a hard hedge because it gives you a post-post entry into another ballscreen. Of course, it helps when your 2 and 3 command as much attention as Wade and LeBron do. A shooter is great in the 1 spot here because you almost have to leave him open if you want to prevent either a layup from the 5 or a jumper from the 4 man.

Questions? Comments? Coaches, I would love to hear from you and if you have any requests please let me know and I will try and scrounge some stuff up for you.

@jacobcollins34 (Twitter)

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