BYU Transition Offense

BYU and Coach Dave Rose have put an emphasis on scoring points as they are consistently among the top teams in the nation in that category. This may be surprising to some as obviously BYU does not have some of the same athletes that other teams have yet they are able to run the floor and get easy baskets. The source of this is through their transition offense game which gets their players in great position to score.


ImageThis action is especially great if you have bigger guards. Speaking at a clinic, Coach Rose asked several coaches “How many of you practice post defense with your guards in November?” This is a phenomenal point. It allows your players to get a leg up by being in situations where they have an advantage. Also, at the end of the action you have a 4-out setting where you could run into a traditional motion offense or whatever your action is.

ImageThis shows if you cannot enter it into your 2 man.

ImageIn this action the 4 man is hard denied as well. The 2 man loops and 4 man backdoors and out to the corner. **If you run a Princeton style offense this would be a perfect place to add in a backdoor.

ImageThis is an action they ran a lot when Jimmer Fredette was running the 1. The first look is a quick backdoor, but if that isn’t there the 5 man passes out to the opposite side to run and stagger for the 1 man. This also keeps you in the same continuity as before.

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