Ideas on Basketball: Attacking Zone Defenses

The following is from 1000 Ideas on Basketball by coach Joe Piscopo:

Attacking Zone Defense

  • Have a primary and secondary attack vs. zone.
    – To give a different look to the opponent
    – If you are having difficulty with your primary attack
  • Pass the ball around the perimeter from one side to the other to keep the defense moving.
  • Perimeter movement of the ball will allow post players to flash from behind the defense which will make them more effective.
  • Penetrate gaps with a dribble to create better passing lanes.
  • Upon entry pass into offense, you should give the following reads.
    – Shoot the ball if free.
    – Pass to perimeter player.
    – Look to pass inside of high post.
  • Use ball and shot fakes to get defense moving in opposite direction you want to pass.
  • Vary your entry pass (right side, left side, high post, dribble entry). Don’t be one-side tendency (Defense will anticipate this movement).
  • Any time player receives the ball at high post:
    – Square and look to shoot or drive to basket.
    – Look to pass inside to low post (Hi-low read).
  • Perimeter players should use bounce passes more frequently especially if going into post areas.
  • Utilize screening by big men to free up shooters (especially in corners).
  • Utilize skip or diagonal pass if opponent overplays near passing lanes.
  • Always save dribble upon receiving the ball; don’t waste it.
  •  If defense in back of zone plays high, perimeter players should always be looking to baseline for free players.
  • Maintain defensive balance (for transition situations) at all times with at least two players.
    – If two guards are on top – they are responsible.
    – If one guard is on top (point guard); that guard and a wing guard from the side of the shot drops back.
    – If point guard penetrates, wings drop back.

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