On Finding Balance Between Quantity and Quality

The following is from Coach Larry Jackson and http://www.coach-jackson.com:

By Zig Ziglar

For some strange reason there are millions of us who believe that if a little of something is good for us, a lot would be even better. Sometimes that is true, but frequently it is not.

For example, if a non-swimmer has fallen into water over his head, if you throw him one end of a rope, that’s good. If you throw him both ends of the rope, that’s bad.

In physical fitness, many people believe that if jogging two miles a day is good for you, ten miles would be better. Many people believe that if one particular medication once a day is good for them, two should be twice as good.

Disaster has been the result of that kind of thinking. However, this is not true in all cases. If a little kindness and consideration is good, it’s true that a lot would be even better. It’s also true that if it is good to read for 20 minutes a day, it could be better to read three times that much, depending on schedule and interests.

Common sense and expert advice are important. In 1972 I needed to get on a sensible eating and exercise program so I sought the advice of Dr. Ken Cooper of aerobics fame. He started me on a sound, research-based program.

I followed his advice and now, over a quarter century later, I’m in better shape and my energy level is measurably higher than when I was 45 years old. The word that goes jointly with common sense is “balance.” We need to have a balance in our lives if we are going to be able to get the maximum amount of enjoyment from life. Think about these things.

Take this approach and you’ll have a much better chance of staying up, up, up in a down, down world!

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