Will Wade’s Weekly Articles

At the young age of 23, Kevin Durant has positioned himself to reach a milestone most players spend their entire career trying to reach. While the majority of people and some NBA experts predict it will only be a matter of time before Durant wins a Championship, the Oklahoma City guard is not buying into way of thinking for one second. Between his mature approach and drawing off former great players and teams in history who have seemed poised for eventual glory, only to have numerous variables alter the playing landscape, Durant is focused solely on this one and only NBA Finals appearance.
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Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones has had plenty of press throughout the course of his NFL career. Unfortunately, most people remember Jones for negative, controversial and run-ins with the law. After brief stints away from the NFL, and football altogether, Jones is not only looking to turn his life around, but is also taking time to reach out to young players. At this year’s rookie symposium, Jones will take time to explain and try to help NFL rookies avoid some his pitfalls as a young player.
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Erik Spoelstra’s time as the Miami Heat’s head coach has been a rollercoaster ride for 4 years. After being with the organization since 1995 in roles ranging from video coordinator to assistant coach, Spoelstra was hand-picked by NBA legend Pat Riley to be the team’s floor general. With the addition of LeBron James, Chris Bosh and other countless personnel transactions, Spoelstra has had his hands full learning new coaching tactics, massaging egos, implementing different mentors’ strategies in addition to making sure his own print is shaping the culture of the team. Through it all, Spoelstra has managed keep a level head and go about his business the only way he knows how.
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