Will Wade’s Weekly Articles

Boston Celtics guard Avery Bradley has been through more obstacles than most NBA players this season. After dislocating shoulder in three separate occasions, Bradley popped it back into place and has yet to miss a beat.
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The Philadelphia 76ers are positioned to play their way into the Eastern Conference Finals. Backed by a young and inexperienced nucleus, the 76ers are defying the odds and relying on a group of players who most people feel are too young to contend.
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When thinking of the best players in crunch time, players like Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, and Paul Pierce may come to mind. However, Chris Paul is continuing to prove he belongs in that elite category as one of the game’s best closers. After a series that saw Paul constantly take over late in the 4th quarter or overtime, the Clippers are starting to reach uncharted territory for the usually terrible franchise.
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I usually do not publish these types of articles, but this guy is a good friend of mine. If you have the opportunity, and are in the area, you should check out Jeremy Russotti’s training seminar this summer. It is open to coaches at the pro, college, high school, AAU, and overseas level.
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