Will Wade’s Weekly Articles

New Memphis Grizzlies guard Lester Hudson is back in familiar territory. After Hudson’s contract was not renewed after his second 10-day stint with the Cavaliers, Hudson’s hometown Memphis Grizzlies picked him up for the rest of the season. After bouncing around the league, playing overseas and in the NBA D-League, Hudson had to fight through adversity to get back to playing at the highest level.
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The Tennessee Titans are beginning a year in which they have momentum stemming from last year’s surprise season. Without the restrictions from a lockout, the Titans’ coaching staff and players are preparing to get better with the help of a more efficient and effective off-season development plan.
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The Washington Wizards have definitely not been the model for success in the NBA over the past year. However, after being the laughing stock of the league, the Wizards are starting to turn things around. Through team bonding, chemistry, and players getting healthy, Washington is closing the season out with accomplishments few teams can match.
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