The following comes from a magazine article I was given years ago, but the source escapes me. However, it’s definitely worth sharing.

“I don’t like to lose. I never have, I never will. The thought is repugnant to me. Because defeat means only one thing – failure to meet your objective. The trouble in America today – in business, in government, and in organizations – is that too many people are afraid of the active life, competition, and hard work. The result is that in some circles, people have come to sneer at success if it means training, sacrifice, and hard work.” – Theodore Roosevelt

The difference between winning and losing, and being the best and being near-best, is practice. Practice and hard work. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. And that means work. Hard work.

When told he was a genius, Paderewski said: “Before I was a genius, I was a drudge.” Nothing worthwhile comes easily. Half effort does not produce half results – it produces no results. Work, hard work, continuous work, is the only way to accomplish great achievements. Don’t worry about genius. Don’t worry about being clever. Trust hard work.

It is important to dream. But it is sublime to dream and work. Faith is important. But faith fused with work is mightier. Desire is important. But work welded to desire is invincible.

There is a nobility about hard work. Even the weariness it leaves is exhilarating. Hard work is not hard work at all to the enthusiast. It is intoxicating. The privations. The hardships. The long days and long nights. All are worth the price and the price is worth it – results and success. To win requires hard work and iron resolution. And supreme effort and self-sacrifice. The power of work and the sense of duty brings no greater joy in life.

Life is an unending succession of opportunities. “I can’t do it.” never accomplished anything. “I shall try… I shall work at it… I shall make it happen” – these perform miracles. Opportunities are seized and vanquished by work.

Work touches the heart with fire. It instills zeal in life. It provides purpose and pride. Men and women of talent – willing to sacrifice and work – make the discoveries, write the books, produce the arts, win the campaigns, and order the world. New actions. New aspirations. New efforts. New vision. All these are due less to genius than to perserverance and determination.

“I’m a great believer in luck,” said Thomas Jefferson, “and the harder I work, the more luck I have.” Nothing is really work unless you would prefer doing something else. Idleness is spiritual sterility. Man thrives on creative challenge and the passion of achievement and work.

You get in life what you want. Success depends on how much you want it. And how much you are willing to dream, plan, and work. High resolve. Unrelenting effort. Purposeful direction. Work – hard work.

The world is divided into three types: those who are immovable, those who are movable, and those who move. Hard-work is the mightiest and most powerful force on earth. Those who move the world are the workers. They have changed the course of history since the dawn of mankind.

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