News: Bulls’ ‘Mental Toughness’ Impresses Opponents

Chicago Tribune: The Chicago Bulls have become the envy of coaches around the NBA — and not just because they have the best record and the reigning league MVP in Derrick Rose.

Coaches from opposing teams continue to be impressed with the quality depth and exceptional teamwork displayed by a Bulls team beset by injuries to key players, including Rose.

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4 Chair Shooting Drill

From assistant coach Dominick Cannon of St. Patrick High School (IL):

One shooter and one or two rebounders
Shooter works around chairs and gets into a jump shot at each one
Rebounder grabs ball and replaces it on each chair
Shooter shoots for one minute and keeps score
Note: change patterns of movement between chairs and location of chairs

Stan Van Gundy on Defense

The following is from a handout provided by University of Illinois-Chicago assistant men’s basketball coach Al Biancalana:

“There are no easy answers or miracle schemes that will be consistently effective with minimum effort. Great defense results not from great schemes but from the defensive commitment from the players and staff. To be a great defense team, we must trust our system and make it work. We must trust our teammates to do their jobs and make sure that they can trust you to do yours.”

- Stan Van Gundy, Head Coach, Orlando Magic