About Coach Matt Monroe

Matt Monroe - Head Sophomore Basketball Coach - St. Patrick High School (Chicago)

6 Point Defensive Drill

The following is from Tom Kleinschmidt, Head Boys’ Basketball Coach, DePaul Prep (Chicago):

6 Point 001

• Wing denial
• "Head snap" on backdoor

6 Point 002

• Post denial helpside, to a front, to high side on dribble down

6 Point 003

• Ball is skipped
• x1 jumps to the help line
• #1 flashes and x1 denies him to the elbow

6 Point 004

• On the high post flash, x1 should push #1 down towards the baseline

6 Point 005

• Coach dribbles towards the baseline and x1 adjusts his post defense

6 Point 006

• Wing denial then 1 on 1 to a score

Qualities of a Good Team Player

The following comes from Coach Jerry Wainwright during his time as the head men’s basketball coach at DePaul University:

Our chances of having a successful team may be in direct proportion to the ability of each player to live up to the following set of suggestions:

1. Be a gentleman at all times.

2. Be a team player always.

3. Be on time whenever time is involved.

4. Be a good student in all subjects – not just basketball.

5. Be enthusiastic, industrious, dependable, loyal, and cooperative.
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3 Tips for Defending Ballscreens

The following is from Kyle Gilreath and the Better Basketball Tribe:

On a recent Hardwood Hustle Podcast, PGC’s Tyler Coston discussed three effective tips to defending ballscreens. These simple ideas can be very effective at any level, but especially at the high school level.

1. If ball handler using the ballscreen isn’t a threatening force on the floor, do not even guard the ball screen. Meaning the player defending the ball should fight over or under; while the defender of the screener should set in help and prevent a downhill drive of the ball.

2. If the ball handler is a threat coming off of the screen but there is poor spacing in the offense and little to no action, get really good at help side defense. Shrink the floor to prevent the ball handler from getting into the paint.

3. If the ball handler is very talented and the floor is spaced well, Blitz (Trap) the ballscreen and take away the ball handler as a threat. Furthermore, make sure your defense rotates to take away the next best action after the ball screen.

Fostering Effective Parent-Coach Relationships

By: Coach Matt Monroe, Saint Patrick High School (IL)

Every coach has gone through it. There is a disgruntled father in the stands or you receive an e-mail laced with complaints from a concerned mother. It only takes one or two parents thinking about your program in a negative light and that sentiment can spread like wildfire. Fractured parent-coach relationships can undermine what you’re trying to accomplish with your team and will almost always lead to eventual conflict.

Positive parent-coach relationships not only create a more harmonious environment for your program, they also can greatly aid in the overall development of each individual player and your team as a whole. This is why fostering effective parent-coach relationships is essential to building any program or running any team, regardless of the sport or level of play.

Here are some keys to developing effective parent-coach relationships:
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Lawrence Frank Defensive Philosophy Notes

The following is from Tom Kleinschmidt, Head Boys’ Basketball Coach, DePaul Prep (Chicago):

• Goal is to force one contested two point shot

• Shots that hurt a defense: layup, free throw, corner threes

• Protect the rim first

• We must:
– Sprint back
– Shrink the floor – inside out
– Closeout hard ton contest
– Aggressive defense with no fouls
– Box out and gang rebound

• System – do what you do
– Rely on your principles 90-95% of the time
– Only 5-10% change based on the scouting report