About Coach Matt Monroe

Matt Monroe - Head Sophomore Basketball Coach - St. Patrick High School (Chicago)

Through Zone Play

The following is from Jason Tucker, Head Boys Basketball Coach, Luther North High School (Chicago):

Tucker Through 001

• #1 dribbles to #2
• #2 goes through the top of the zone to replace #1

Tucker Through 002

• Once #2 comes up top, #4 flashes to the middle of the zone
• #5 sets an inside screen on the middle of the zone
• #3 receives a lob pass from #2

Scratch and Closeout Drill

The following is from Tom Kleinschmidt, Head Boys Basketball Coach, DePaul Prep (IL):

Scratch and Closeout 001

• Players align as shown
• Coach passes the ball to #3 on the baseline
• #3 makes a pass to the player in the post as the defender (x2) slides down and knocks the ball out of bounds

Scratch and Closeout 002

• #4 immediately picks up a second ball and passes to #1
• #1 passes to the coach, who reverses the ball to #2
• x2 closes out to #2 and they play 1 on 1

Creighton Switch Rebounding Drill

The following is from Scott Miller, Head Boys Basketball Coach, Glenbard East High School (IL):

Creighton Switch Rebounding Drill

• X passes the ball to the player on the elbow
• O catches and shoots the ball
• The first X in each line boxes out the player at the opposite elbow
• Play two on two until a team scores
• Winners stay on the court

Questions About Practice

The following is from Jim Harrington, former Head Boys Basketball Coach, Elgin High School (IL):

1. Is stretching part of your practice time or do you expect your athletes to do it before practice starts?

2. Do you follow last year’s practice plan or do you write new ones each day?

3. Do you put a time limit on each activity or do you stay with the activity until it is performed to your satisfaction?

4. Do you let the players see the practice plan or do you keep it from them?

5. Do you vary the length of practice during the year or do you always use the time allotted to you?

6. Do you work on offense and defense during the same practice or do you concentrate on them on separate days?

7. Do you practice special situations every day or do you save it for the day before a game?

8. Do you always play your 1st team together or do you mix your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd teams?

9. Are you tougher on them after a pitiful loss or an exhilarating victory?

10. What percent of practice is drills; what percent is scrimmage?

11. How do you end practice?

12. When do you give a day off?

13. What days do you go harder than others?

14. What part of practice (beginning, middle, end) do you place your most demanding drills?

15. When do you put in new plays and what part of practice is it done (beginning, middle, end)?