About Coach Matt Monroe

Matt Monroe - Head Sophomore Basketball Coach - St. Patrick High School (Chicago)

Basketball Team Guidelines

The following is a set of team guidelines given to a youth basketball team, though many of the points are applicable to teams of all levels.

1. There will be NO criticism of any coach, player, or parent in our program. As a team, we are a family. We have grown together over the years. As a family, we will have our differences. It is important to respect each other even through hard times. The same goes for everyone else in or around our program. We must carry ourselves with pride and dignity.

2. Be a good teammate! Cheer for your teammates, come off the court with CLASS. No pouting, come on to the court with energy, confidence, and CLASS!

3. Talking back to coaches is NOT allowed. We are here to help you become the best possible player and team that you can be. We have respect for everyone in our family, from teammates to coaches to parents. Talking back and not following directions is a show of a complete lack of respect and it will not be tolerated.

3. There is NO trash talking on or off of the basketball court. We show people that we are better through our play on the court, not the words that come out of our mouths.

4. We are EARLY to all practices and games. You must be at all practices 15 minutes before it is to start. You must stretch on your own and be ready to start on time. You must be at tournaments 45 minutes before the first game that we play. This will be strictly enforced.

5. You must be at all practices and all games. If you need to miss, you must call me BEFORE and explain why. I understand that it is extremely hard to make everything, so if you have conflicts we need to discuss them before the season starts so we can work something out. If you are not at practice, your playing time will be limited in the games. To maximize and even exceed our potential as a team and as individuals, we need to utilize our practice times. Everyone needs to be dedicated and make the effort to attend. Gym space is sacred!

6. You must try your best every single day. If you do not put forth your best effort every time we meet, our time together will have been wasted. The best players and the best teams are the ones who work the hardest.

7. Do right on and off the court! We are not only creating a high-level team and great individual basketball players, but are also developing fine young men.

8. You must have fun. Being a part of any team is hard work. We will experience hard times, it is inevitable. However, we all must recognize that those tough times are just speed bumps in our relationship as a basketball team. If we work hard and work together, success is sure to come. Whatever happens, the most important thing is that we have fun together as a team and enjoy playing basketball.

3 on 4 Scramble Drill

The following is from Tom Kleinschmidt, Head Boys’ Basketball Coach, DePaul Prep (Chicago):

3 on 4 Scramble

1. Four offensive players (1, 2, 3, and 4) stay on the perimeter and have a 10 second shot clock to score.
2. The 3 defenders must scramble and rotate to defend.
3. The defense must get a stop to go on offense.
4. Play 3 to 4 minutes.
5. Scoring is: 1 point for a penetration to the lane, 2 points for a 2 point field goal, and 3 points for a three point field goal.

Coaching Points
1. Communicate on defense.
2. Two foot plays on offense.
3. Finish plays.

Stop-Think Cards

The following is from Dan McKendrick, Head Boys’ Basketball Coach, Deerfield High School (IL). These are handouts that he gives his players to help them make betters choices on the court, in the classroom, and in the greater community. They were originally used by Don Meyer, former Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Northern State University.

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Furman 1 on 1 Box Out Drill

The following is from Tom Kleinschmidt, Head Boys’ Basketball Coach, DePaul Prep (Chicago):

Furman Block Out 001

• #1 passes to #2, cuts through the lane, touches a bag held by a manager in the corner, and then sprints back to help position in the lane.
• On the catch, #2 dribbles and touches the lane, as #3 slides wide.

Furman Block Out 002

• When the lane is touched by #2, he drives the ball back to the wing and shoots.
• #1 blocks out #3 on the shot

Coaching Points
1. Sprint to help position
2. Make "rebound contact" outside the lane
3. Use both sides