About Coach Matt Monroe

Matt Monroe - Head Sophomore Basketball Coach - St. Patrick High School (Chicago)

About Kevin Durant

The following is from Coach Jerry Wainwright’s Basketball Notes. It is about Kevin Durant during his rookie season and it still holds true today:

“The best thing about Kevin is his attitude,” Carlesimo said. “[He and fellow rookie Jeff Green] know they don’t have all the answers. They know they have a long way to go to become really consistent NBA players, and that’s a huge step in itself. They know how important it is to work, how important it is for the assistant coaches to be working with them before practice and after practice and watching tape with them.

“If I’m sitting in my office late in the afternoon or at night and I hear the ball bouncing, it’s 50-50 it’s Kevin. He texts [assistant coach] Brian Keith when he’s on his way in and he’ll get a couple hundred shots up. You can’t teach that. You can make people do that, but it doesn’t work when you make people do that. They have to want to do that. It’s the kind of enthusiasm for basketball Magic had. There have been some very good players in this league who don’t have that enthusiasm for basketball that he has.”

Ollie Shooting Drill

Ollie Drill

• Player slides from dead corner to short corner.
• Once he gets to the block, he sprints to just above the top of the key, and cuts back for a pass from the coach and a shot.
• The player then sprints down to the baseline, slides to the opposite block, and sprints out again for another shot.
• He sprints back down to the baseline, slides all the way the opposite corner from where he started.
• Finally, he cuts out and receives another pass for his final shot.

Dr. Jack Ramsey’s 12 Keys to Becoming a Great Coach

The following is from Jim Boone, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Delta State and and CoachJimBoone.com:

Basketball is a game that is predicated on the execution of the fundamentals.

The coach is a teacher, his subject is the fundamentals.

The highest level of achievement is attained by the teams with the best conditioned players.

Even the greatest players have a level of improvement to achieve.

Even the greatest players accept coaching and value the need for discipline and the order it brings to the team.
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Pitino Series Ball Handling Drill

Pitino Series Ball Handling

Set up the drill using four cones total, two for each side of the court
Two lines of players go at the same time, in opposite directions
Players start in triple threat and then bust out down the court
At each cone, a player makes a change of direction move
After they pass the second cone, they make a scoring move to finish



Ideas for change of direction moves:
• Cross-over
• Between the legs
• Hesitation
• In and out
• Behind the back
• Spin move
• Combination moves (ex. hesitation/cross, cross/between legs, between legs/behind the back)

Ideas for scoring moves:
• Regular lay-up
• Two-foot power lay-up
• Floater
• Pull-up jump shot
• Step-back jump shot

Quotes on Communication

The following is from Coach Larry Dean Jackson and Coach-Jackson.com:

“Your ability to persuade and influence others determines the quality of your life, and your self-confidence.” — Brian Tracy

“For effective communication, use brevity. Jesus said, ‘Follow me.’ Now that’s brief! He could be brief because of all that he was that he didn’t have to say.” — Jim Rohn

“The goal of effective communication should be for listeners to say, ‘Me, too!’ versus ‘So what?’” — Jim Rohn

“The 8 key words that will move practically anyone to your side of the issue: ‘If you can’t do it, I’ll definitely understand.” — Bob Burg

“Poor or fuzzy communications are major time-wasters. Take the time to be crystal-clear in your communications with others.” — Brian Tracy

“The organization that can’t communicate can’t change, and the corporation that can’t change is dead..” — Nido Qubein


The following is from Coach Larry Dean Jackson and Coach-Jackson.com:

“Persistence” by Les Brown

I believe there are three kinds of people. There are winners, who know what they want and understand their potential and the possibilities. They take life on. Next are losers, who don’t have a clue as to who they are. They allow circumstances to shape their lives and their self-image.

I believe there is a third group as well. This consists of potential winners whose lives are just slightly out of alignment. I call them wayward winners. It may be that they just need to learn how to be real winners. Perhaps they’ve hit a bump or two that has knocked them off course and they are temporarily befuddled. A failed relationship, a lost job, financial problems, unformed goals, a lack of parental support, illness—many things can send us off course temporarily.

Wayward winners are not lost souls; they just need some tweaking and coaching and nudging to get them back on course. A map might be nice. Many of these wayward winners are easily identifiable because they are always searching.

Right now, there are many wayward winners out there braving rain, sleet and snow because they, too, still believe that they have untapped talents. They attend motivational seminars and listen to inspirational tapes and they plunge onward, believing that sooner or later they will find their way again.

Other wayward winners have temporarily given up. They are damaged and disoriented, their confidence badly eroded. They tend to drift through life numbly. The friends and relatives and loved ones of wayward winners see that they are out of sync and wonder why they can’t be satisfied, why they don’t settle down. They wonder how people who have such obvious abilities and great potential can be so disoriented and unsure.
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Four Relationships to Analyze

The following is from Coach Jerry Wainwright:


1. Are your players liked, respected, and trusted by the coaches?

2. Are your players liked, respected, and trusted by the other players?

3. Are your coaches liked, respected, and trusted by the players?

4. Are your coaches liked, respected, and trusted by the other coaches?

If the answer to all of the above is yes, you can compete for a championship.