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Notes on Reasons Players Reach Their Potential and Commitment

Reasons Players Reach Their Potential
1. High tolerance for pain and hard work.

2. High basketball IQ. Student of the game.

3. Unselfish. Thing TEAM before self.

4. Intangibles in your game. Make hustle plays.

5. Good training habits and physical conditioning.
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Communicative Players

1. Do not isolate themselves from others. Keep your team together. Do not let players or groups do their own thing.

2. Make it easy for teammates to communicate with them. Great leaders and communicators are easily accessible by their teammates. Most communication problems can be solved by proximity.

3. Follow the 24-hour rule. When conflict arises, many ignore the problem. Time DOES NOT heal wounds. Talk through issues or they will grow.

4. Give attention to potentially difficult relationships. Put time into these relationships.

5. Follow up important communication in writing. The more difficult the level of communication, the more important it is to work to keep it clear and simple. Ex. playbooks, vows, contracts, etc.

Credit: Jerry Wainwright’s Basketball Notes

Notes from Dale Brown’s Readings on Leadership Pt. I

1. No leader is exempt from criticism, and his humility will nowhere be seen more clearly than in the manner in which he accepts and reacts to it.

2. Anyone who steps into the arena of leadership must be prepared to pay a price. True leadership exacts a heavy toll on the whole person and the more effective the leadership, the higher the price! The leader must soon face the fact that he will be a target of critical darts. Unpleasant though it may sound, you haven’t really led until you have become familiar with the stinging barbs of the critic. Good leaders must have thick skin.

3. Every leader must develop the ability to measure the value or worth of criticism. He has to determine the source and the motive, and he has to listen with discernment. Sometimes the best course of action is to respond without facing opposition.

4. It is impossible to lead anyone without facing opposition.

5. It is essential to face opposition in prayer.

6. Few people can live in the lap of luxury and maintain their spiritual, emotional, and moral equilibrium. Sudden elevation often disturbs balance, which leads to pride and a sense of self-sufficiency and then, a fall. It’s ironic, but more of us can hang tough through a demotion than through a promotion.
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Tom Brady and Work

From today’s Daily Bailey:

Few outside the Patriots locker room know about the blue-collar work ethic that drives Tom Brady, 30, to be the first player to arrive at One Patriot Place, typically before the sun rises.

“Tom’s the first one here, the last one to leave,” receiver Wes Walker says. “He’s here at 6 a.m. and he can be here until 5, 6, and 7 each night. It’s probably the biggest part of his game – how hard he works, the way he sets such a great example. He’s on top of his stuff. And you’ve got to make sure you’re on top of yours.”

It’s as if Brady punches the clock on purpose at 6 a.m. daily to remind himself of that sixth-round slight in 200 when six quarterbacks were selected ahead of the 199th overall pick out of Michigan.

“Tom works like he’s a rookie,” tight end Kyle Brady says. “He’s not lost the hunger for the rings. He wants to be the best quarterback he can possibly be.”

Man Quick Hitter: “Shamrocks” High/Low Action

#2 and #3 cross and receive screens from #4 and #5
#1 passes to either wing, in this case to #3
#1 makes a cut to the ball side corner

#4 screens away from the ball for #5
#4 flashes to the top of the key after the screen
#3 can pass directly to #3 or to #4 at the top

#4 looks to go high/low with #5
If the high/low option is not open, #4 reverses the ball to #2
#5 follows the ball
#4 and #3 set a double staggered screen away for #1

Unselfishness and Team

An excerpt from a handout we give our players at Saint Patrick H.S.:

“Every great team has two vital ingredients: Respect for one another and discipline. The great thing about that combination is that you don’t have to worry about discipline if you have respect. If the players really care about each other – not just for show but with a genuine respect for each other – they will play their roles properly.”

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