Elbow-to-Elbow is a great drill for working on proper footwork & change of pace.

This drill is ideal with 3 players and two balls. #1 starts at the top of the key and sprints to the elbow. #1 uses “inside foot” establishing position on the elbow (right, left on this side of the court). #1 receives a pass from the baseline and takes an elbow shot.

Then #1 goes around the cone (changes pace around the cone) and sprints to opposite elbow establishing “inside foot” (left, right). #1 receives a pass on the elbow for a shot. #1 continues this movement until the drill is over.

*Use either a determined amount of made shots or time.

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Phoenix: “Double Drag”

Another Phoenix sequence is the “double drag.” This entry is a build on from the last Phoenix entry “Drag“.

Similar to Phoenix: Drag, on a made/miss basket #1 designates a side of the court.  In this play, there is no rim runner. Instead both #4 & #5 set drag screens for #1.  As #1 takes first screen on #5, #5 rolls to the basket. #1 uses the second screen from #4 as primary screen to attack the rim. #4 sprints away from #1 for a pick-n-pop.

Click here for “Phoenix: Double Drag” PDF

Phoenix: “Drag”

This entry is from notes on “Phoenix” from John Groce (Ohio University) at the 2009 Indiana Basketball Coaches Association Clinic. “Phoenix” is the secondary offense Mike D’ Antoni used with Steve Nash while with the Phoenix Suns.

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Butler’s Box-Shuffle

This play (we will call Box-Shuffle) was the 2nd play Butler ran in the Championship game vs. Duke. This play is designed for a quick hitter for a post player iso. Great play if you have a strong low post player.

– #4 sets a high ball screen for #1

– #3 cuts hard inside and spaces the floor   Continue reading